Atlanta Grading

Land doesn’t always start out the way you need it to be. Sometimes, it needs to be leveled, through the process of land grading. Used on residential and commercial construction sites, Alif Trucking is equipped with the heavy machinery to level out foundations, roads, railways, as well as designer landscapes and gardens.

By removing dirt from a higher spot of your property and rearranging it on a lower spot, we’ll successful level out your land preparing it for construction, hardscaping, or softscaping.

If you’re looking for local grading contractors to prep your property for residential building, commercial building, or any variety of landscaping, call Alif Trucking today. We’ll even haul the excess earth for you!

Why Grading?

Yard leveling isn’t just to get a better-looking property ready for designer landscaping, it can be done for a multitude of benefits.

A level yard will immediately provide you with more space, and an easier space to maintain. A property with some hills can look great at first, but when it comes to mowing that property it’s not so much fun.

Erosion and drainage are also problems that uneven lots face. Sick of pests like mosquitoes using your yard to breed? Then take away the dips that hold water and allow them to do so. And while you’re doing that, you’ll be preventing the loss of topsoil and fertilizers caused by erosion.

One of the most practical uses for land grading, is to avoid basement flooding. When managed properly, you can stop water buildup finding its way to your basement!

Your grading contractors at Alif Trucking are ready to get started today—just pick up the phone and we’ll be happy to start you off with a free service estimate.

The Cost of Leveling Your Landscape

If yard leveling can do so much for your property, the next question tends to be—how much does it cost? While every property is different, and some may not even require it even though you think they do, there are average rates you can keep in mind before booking an assessment.

At Alif Trucking, we’ll take a look at your residential or commercial property first and discuss your plans to determine whether or not grading is the right option for you. From there, we’ll be able to supply you with an accurate estimate.

On average, a small grading job will start off at $500, with typical jobs costing $2,500 and larger jobs ranging anywhere up to $6,000.

Give Your Property a Fresh Start

The best way to start any construction or landscaping project is with the best ground beneath your feet to build from. Like with a home, if your foundation isn’t strong and functional, everything can fall about.

Whether you’re looking to grade your property or re-grade it, for cosmetic reasons or out of necessity, Alif Trucking can help you out.

With over ten years of experience grading and hauling materials, we’ll give you full-service treatment, being there along with you from assessment all the way to clean up.

Give us a call today to get started!